Who we are

An Innovative art gallery

Strong of a deep experience and an avant-garde spirit that looks at the future, Proximars brings to life limited-edition artworks by bringing renowned artist’s together with modern, advance and innovative technologies.For each collaboration, the artist works with our technical staff to develop new digitized artistic techniques and designs. The techniques developed are then translated into tangible material artworks. This allows us to produce and add new and unique products to the artistic landscape.

The artworks that we offer are not printings or serigraphs realized in series. Each and every artist develops a specific project for the tool and the technology that we offer to him or her.

Each painting is different from one another, because the interaction between man and machine and the production processes bring with them small imperfections that allow each and every artwork to be unique and never the exact copy of the previous one. The artworks developed are tangible and material. This allows us to create and add new unique products to the artistic landscape.

The collections, obtained through the interactions of man and robot, are truly masterpieces with intense poetry and beauty.

Luca Maitan

Founder and CTO

Davide Vercelli

Co-founder, designer and artistic director

Luca Maitan

Co-founder and financial director

Luca Maitan

Co-founder and CEO


Proximars is born

The robot Primus is implemented with A.I. software.

Begins the collaboration with the artist NO CURVES.

The first artistic interaction between NO CURVES and Primus.


NO CURVES e Proximars performano live dall’Art-Factory