A new concept of art

By promoting the interaction between the artists and new technologies, Proximars wants to democratize art and make it affordable for everyone without devalue its intimate essence.


Proximars strongly believes that technologies can represent a precious support for the artists. The anthropomorphic arm involved during the creative process does not substitute the artist in its creative process, but rather it fits the most various human necessities.

Making art a consumer’s good accessible to everyone does not prevent Proximars from having a conscious approach, avoiding to produce more than it required by the market.

All the products utilized by Proximars are sustainable. Moreover, the group is committed to reduce the Co2 emissions, by avoiding the wastage of paper and cardboard and by promoting eco-friendly initiatives.

In line with the Lean Thinking, Proximars promotes an empowerment of the resources, that are employed only when strictly necessary, as well as a system aimed at continuous improvement, the fight against waste and the centrality of people in every industrial process.