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Mattia Parola

Mattia Parola

Founder & C.E.O.

Once terminated his studies with a research thesis in “Innovation Economy” and “Creative Distruction” in the Uk, in 2019 went back to Italy, where in September of the same year founded Proximars combining two of his greatest passions: robotics and art. The arrival of Covid in 2020 forced Mattia to pivot towards more reliable business models that can make Proximars suistainable. Today he lives in Buenos Aires, where together a group of creatives and collaborators all around the world manages Proximars.

“In Proximars we believe in creativity, in immagination, in technology but also hard work, indeed the planning and subsequently the execution are central parts in each project. Due to the variety and type of projects that we tackle is important always choosing the most adapt people according to the roles that the projects need. We place a lot of emphasis in the selection of the personnel, that is why our collaborators are always professionals of high level. This is the only way to get the best results.” Mattia Parola

We develop technological projects

From art and design to fashion all the way to more industrial contexts where technology plays central roles

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