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Here artists and robots cooperate for the same cause: Art! 

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United States of NFT

Proximars Studio (2022)

United States of NFT is an innovative artwork that combines the usage of the robotic precision to the digital world trough varnishes and brushes. The bordes between real and digital fade. UnitedStatesofNFT consists in a series of 5 artworks (all very similar but identical), in which the robot has realized a QR code with drop of paint. The 5 artworks’ QR code all send to the same link. The QR code works as a key to enter a paralel digital world. When it comes to the appeareance the artworks remember the flag of the United States but the colors are mixed up, this, along with the title wants to make the viewer reflect about the early development of the digital space we’re creating. UnitedStatesofNFT marks Proximars entry into digital.


Proximars Studio (2020)

We have imagined to realize an artwork through a moon performance between Primus and an austraunat. The performance would have consisted of four canvases in total, 1 would have remained on the moon, meanwhile 3 canvases would have been brought back to hearth. In our imagination we trasported Primus in space through Apollo 11 with astronauts on board. Once landed on the moon, the astronauts first fixed and set Primus to perform its part: realizing the red circle, then splashed the canvases with black varnish.



The vision of Proximars and NO CURVES travel on the same trail. The artist has decided to entrust himself with the robotic technology of Primus, the anthropomorphic robot able to expand its possibilities at best and its artistic philosophy.
A limited edition dedicated to Andy Warhol, realized and painted according to the artistic personality of NO CURVES. The subject (Andy Warhol) was chosen because it represents at best the fusion between different artistic techniques and technologies. The originality of every paint is guaranteed by a Certificate of Authenticity that contains a unique hologram, signed by the artists himself. The certificate of authenticity contains the photos of the artwork, the title, the year of creation, the dimensions of the edition and, the number of the limited edition in the collection.