Title: Andy_Bot

Artists: NO CURVES

Robot: Primus, an anthropomorphic robot equipped with an advanced hardware technology and Artificial Intelligence. Its high-level performances are guaranteed by the implementation of high-performance engines, that configured to respond to every artistic need.

Materials: Waterborne Acrylic and tapes on Dibond


The collaboration
The vision of Proximars and NO CURVES travel on the same trail. The artist has decided to entrust himself with the robotic technology of Primus, the anthropomorphic robot able to expand its possibilities at best and its artistic philosophy.
The artwork
A limited edition dedicated to Andy Warhol, realized and painted according to the artistic personality of NO CURVES. The subject (Andy Warhol) was chosen because it represents at best the fusion between different artistic techniques and technologies. The originality of every paint is guaranteed by a Certificate of Authenticity that contains a unique hologram, signed by the artists himself. The certificate of authenticity contains the photos of the artwork, the title, the year of creation, the dimensions of the edition and, the number of the limited edition in the collection.
The artist
NO CURVES is the name behind which it hides one of the most famous Tape Artist of the world. Known for its unique geometric style, characterized by the total absence of curves and roundness, his artistic poetics is identified like a pixel universe, digital technology and futuristic visions, but it remains marked by a great manual ability.
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